TWIFcomp Results

TWIFcomp results have been posted to the TWIFcomp Organization Page, and scores have been updated on this website for each game.

I have posted some preliminary analysis of TWIFcomp on my blog as well, and will follow it up in a couple days.

Voting has closed

Voting has closed for TWIFcomp. Results will be tweeted on Sunday, May 2 at 16:00 GMT. Who will claim the duct tape? We'll see!


A few games drifted in after the deadline and could not be included as part of the competition. I've also seen a few comments around the net lamenting having missed the chance to send in a entry. I can't let all that work go down the drain, so I've created a separate category. Again, these works are not part of the competition and should not be scored.

If anyone else wants to submit a game, just email it to me before the end of the judging period. I'll post them as time permits.

TWIFcomp entries are online; voting opens.

Entries in TWIFcomp are now posted on this website. There were 61 entries in all. Voting on these entries will remain open until 16:00 GMT on Saturday, May 1, 2010. To vote, send me a list of game titles and a rating from 1 (terrible) to 10 (perfect). It would make it easier on me if everyone would enter their ratings on a score sheet, which is provided in excel format. Winners will be announced on Sunday, May 2, and prizes will be mailed out the next day.

TWIFcomp is a competition for short (at most 140 non-white space character) interactive fiction. The background and full rules are posted online (English, French, Russian). This competition intentionally targeted a wide variety of platforms and languages, and you are encouraged to try out the games, even if it means downloading an unfamiliar interpreter, typing on the command line (yikes!), or running some text through Google translate.

I received many more entries than I had anticipated, and have tried to make them all accessible through this website. In the interest of getting the games up quickly, I am not waiting until the website looks perfect -- I'm activating it now, and I'll polish it as time permits. If anyone notices any errors or wants to modify their entry, please let me know by email. Everyone is encouraged to comment (politely) on individual games. I will try to moderate these comments as quickly as possible. Finally, I have a few games in the comp, but will not count votes on those games.

Thanks to everyone for entering!

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